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Here, I will express.

Hear, you will better understand.

Track: Title:
The Crying Dream
Heart Strings
Getting Number
Heart Synced Mind
The Greatest Lie
Save the Wails
Take a Breadth
Dirt Drug
Your World
Long Journey
Ode to the Big Buzz
Vibe Doctors
Bonus Track #1 - Lifecycle
Bonus Track #2 - Realization

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The table below is currently only incomplete where you see ?'s.

Title: Size: Time: Released: Emotion: Description:
The Rut 36179862:21September 2002Routine

Tools: MAGIX Music Studio Generation 5
       WaveLab 3.0
       Yamaha RS7000
       Washburn Electric Guitar

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: Guitar - LEVEL6
This is the first of my next generation of music. The drumline, bassline, and synths were each laid down live onto their own track using the RS7000. The electric guitar also goes through the RS7000 and was treated with a "slice" effect at 93 BPM. The song is imperfect, but the song is real. I think you will hear the difference.
Awaken 57607316:00August 2002Beckoning
Tools: FruityLoops 3.5
       SoundForge 4.5
       Yamaha RS7000

Lyrics: "And, now... ladies and gentlemen... aw yeah."
        "... all we're saying is, 'give peace a chance.'"
        "It's not about who's right or who's wrong."
        The entire Islamic dawn Adham (Call to Prayer)
        "Alleluia" (Gregorean Chant)

Credits: n/a
Adore the Father.
Realization 40057204:10August 2002Glee
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker G5
       SoundForge 4.5

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
This is an older song from MAGIX Music Maker G5 which stood unfinished, until now.
Lifecycle 52667045:29August 2002Fatigue

Tools: FruityLoops 3.5

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
An entire cycle of life in one song. I was born. I was chased. I died.
Heart Synced Mind 42247324:24March 2002Clarity

Tools: FruityLoops 3.5

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
I taught myself some music theory and put it to use for the first time in this song. I'll have to dig my circle-of-fifths back out and try to remember what I did.
Long Journey 40345604:12February 2001? ?
Your World 44646404:39December 2000? ?
Nobody 85017088:51December 2000? ?
When I Reach 29286403:03December 2000? ?
Getting Number 37307043:53November 2000Loathing
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
Help 10428091:05September 2000Lonliness
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: "Help"

Credits: Vocals/Guitar/Flute - LEVEL6
This entire song is made of real-world samples. Even the bassy sound is an edited guitar pluck.
Ann 29190273:02September 2000Admiration
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: "Ann, Ann,"
        "With your heart made of pure gold,"
        "Don't you know I love it so?"

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6
Heart Strings 36759513:49August 2000Love
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
It "speaks" for itsself.
The Crying Dream 67588187:02August 2000Frustration
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: "I love you."

Credits: Vocals - Pinguino Kolb and LEVEL6
I will always miss what we had.
Death is Just the Next Step 34563923:36July 2000Acceptance
Tools: FruityLoops

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
Dirt Drug 41819694:21July 2000Desire
Tools: FruityLoops Pro 2.50

Lyrics: "For whom?"
        "Not you."
        "Never me."

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6
That fire crackling is a butterscotch wrapper next to my mic.
Take a Breadth 51023155:18June 2000Understanding
Tools: FruityLoops Pro 2.50 (Registered)
       WavEdit Pro

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: Vocals - Throat singing samples 
                  from the net
Throat-singing and singing bowls are cool...
Hollow 32164833:21May 2000Numbness
Tools: FruityLoops Pro 2.50 (Registered)

Lyrics: "Locate soul."
        "Unable to locate."
        "Extensive search initiated."

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6
TS-404 is cool...
Glide Away 31958063:19May 2000Freedom
Tools: FruityLoops Pro 2.50 (Registered)

Lyrics: "Glide away with me."

Credits: Vocals - Veronica Wallis
TS-404 is cool...
Turn the Knife 41150964:17May 2000Despiration

Tools: FruityLoops Pro 2.50 (Registered)

Lyrics: "Murder me."
        "Would you?"
        "End it.  Now.  Turn the knife."

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6
Took advantage of a strange mood... practicing and learning about FruityLoops
Contentment 31270403:15April 2000Contentment/Bliss
Tools: FruityLoops 2.11 (Registered)

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
Now you tell me it doesn't make you want to find a big tree to doze under while watching the clouds above...
Happy, Again 39500024:06April 2000Happiness

Tools: FruityLoops 2.11 (Registered)

Lyrics: "Happy faces"

Credits: Kirsten [R.I.P.]
Oh boy! I HIGHLY recommend FruityLoops to everyone! This software is wonderfully powerful, yet easy to use. I made this first attempt in under 5 hours. The software was WELL worth the $130. I think many more sleepless nights are ahead... This, too, was inspired by my new girlfriend. Expect much better, soon...
Will You Be Mine 26254633:07Early 2000Hope
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker G5
       Cool Edit Pro

Lyrics: n/a

Credits: n/a
MAGIX continued to disappoint me. They are not supporting Windows 2000. Their software gets more bloated and buggy with minimal expansion of ability. I wanted to get this out for my new girlfriend. Unfortunately, I did not spend the time on it which it probably deserved.
[Battle of the] Vibe Doctors 15239311:48December 1999Ego?
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker G5
       Cool Edit Pro

Vocals: "I'm a doctor, not a database"
        "I am a doctor.  I'm a doctor."
        "We are the borg."
        "I demand an explaination.  I am a doctor."
        "Very impressive!  His brain is gone."
        "I'm a doctor, not an engineer."
        "I'm a doctor!"
        "Illogical." -zap- -zap-
        "I'm not capable of that emotion."

Another one of my best. Funny... these don't seem to take nearly as long. There is no emotion, here; only battling vibe doctors...
Ode to the Big Buzz 22290282:39December 1999Excitment?
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker G5
       Cool Edit Pro

Lyrics: "Succumb to the buzz."

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6
Seems like I really got it together on this one. This is the first song, since the beginning, which was not emotion-driven. I have had many comments on it. This is definitely one of my best, so far.
The Greatest Lie 29238853:28Late 1999Disgust
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker 2000
       Cool Edit Pro

Lyrics: "Whoop!"
        "Hey, uhm.. I'm here."
        "I love you."

Credits: Vocals - Pinguino Kolb and LEVEL6
I found some of my ex's voice on my answering machine and VMB while cleaning them out. I decided to try to describe our time together.
Beatus Vultus 15125941:48Late 1999Melancholy
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker 2000
       Cool Edit Pro

Lyrics: "Noooooo!"
        "Happy faces, everywhere; all around"

Credits: Vocals - Kirsten [R.I.P.] and LEVEL6
Latin for Happy Face ("bless-ed' expression") and loaded with samples taken earlier in the year from a good friend, Kirsten, this song seeks to prove my father wrong. He had noted that none of my expression is "happy." I guess he's right.
The Forever Tree 16387651:57September 1999Mourning
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker 2000
       Cool Edit Pro
       Steinberg's B.Box

Lyrics: "Helloooo?  Helloooo?"
        "You aren't there to take my call."
        "Well, I guess I'll talk to you later."

Credits: Vocals - Brother Loq [R.I.P]
Rest in peace, brother Loq. This one was created in a hurry, awaiting notice of Loq's funeral plans. I used some imported samples from my answering machine. I wanted to immortalize him as best as I could in the given time. This was the last time I heard his voice.
Save the Wails 31926853:48June 1999Rage
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker 2000

Lyrics: "Rumpy bumpy"
        "Monkey, monkey!"

In love with MAGIX? Hell, I was feeding them. I grabbed almost every Soundpool I could find and got the newest MAGIX applications. They began to barf on me. Believe it or not, this song sounds NOTHING like the original. I had gotten 2 minutes away from saving a final version THREE TIMES. Each time, MAGIX either locked the damned machine or lost every other sample upon reload. I emailed the company and got no response. This song is another emotion-driven creation which tries to swing through a man's crying-then-hatred-for-crying.
Middleworld 27011653:12May 1999Trust
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker DeLUXE
       Cool Edit Pro

Lyrics: "Welcome to our dream."
        "We will be our own guide"
        "Through this Middleworld"
        "Inspiration saves souls, here"
        "And, we will never walk alone, again"
        "Through this Middleworld."

Credits: Vocals - LEVEL6

I was absolutely in love with MAGIX Music Maker. I purchased Studio as well as 3-4 of their Soundpool CDs. I bought myself a good microphone, a better soundcard, and MixMan Pro (which sucked.) I used everything to create my first song of strong expression.
The Life of KodeBoy 28735062:59Mid 1998Confidence
Tools: MAGIX Music Maker

Lyrics: "huh! huh! huh! huh!"


I liked the idea of such easy plug-n-play music creation so much that I decided to try some more software. My next trip to MicroCenter, I grabbed some WAV sample CDs and MAGIX Music Maker. The sample CDs were about $10 each (I think I bought 2 at the time) and MAGIX was around $50. I tried to tell a story in this song. A hacker is born, learns, burns, jailed, is released, and takes vengence.
You Make Me Feel So... 16963281:46Early 1998Lust
Tools: Techno Maker

Lyrics: "Execute"
        "You make me feel so gorgeous"
        "And, it don't stop"        
        "ya ya ya ya" (bis)

Credits: Vocals - Techno Maker Samples

This was my first attempt at making a complete song. It was mostly for kicks. I thought Techno Maker came with some funny samples. I got it from MicroCenter for about $30 and installed it on the laptop I had at the time.