The Music Theory Toolkit is a small Perl library which is being created to help build larger solutions for tasks which can assist musicians and composers in their endeavors.

You can contact me (level6) at: mtt @ leper . org

I have created several web tools using

  • Chord Progression Calculator - Choose a key, progression type, and octave adjustment and get the chords used from the scale plus a MIDI file which plays them.

  • Key Finder - Select notes and get every key and mode which contains them. This can be useful for determining keys based on a few notes seen on TV or for determining the common notes for modulating between keys.

  • Guitar Tab to Note Convertor - Enter String+Fret pairs and get scale notes back. This is useful for those os us who may not automatically know that the 6th fret down on the D string is Ab.

Explainations of the data and methods will go here.