Welcome to The Sixth Level

I am an experimental "Visual Jockey" who has been supplying video projection, and atmospheric and intelligent lighting to the music community throughout North Texas since early 2001. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, I will only offer video projection.

VJ'ing is one of my thousands of hobbies. I refuse payment for any show within 30 minutes of Dallas. Any show outside of my local range, yet still in Texas, is negociable and certainly still reasonably priced. I have performed for FREE in several towns outside of my local area, but that is not a promise. Any event booked outside of Texas will cost you for my travel and boarding, as well as a reasonable flat rate which will cover my meals, beer, and time.

Because I have a VERY nice daytime job which I absolutely adore, and because this is a hobby and my services are free to local people, I pick-n-choose which events I will perform at. You can imagine how many requests I get. Before you even ask, PLEASE take a minute to first check my


Once your event is listed on there, you have me booked and it will not change unless there is some emergency. Until you actually see your event on that calendar, I reserve the right to change my mind. Email LEVEL6 for booking information.

I am also a very large fan of the freedom of information. You can get full and detailed information about my equipment, software, tricks, etc. here in my


If you are a fellow VJ checking these pages out, I also share all of my resources, including vJo compositions, video clips, 3D objects and Poser figures, and several tutorials. You would likely be more interested in visiting my page of


If you came looking for logos for your flyer, please grab one of the following official


Here are a few video clips from real shows. I apologize for the quality, but I need to keep bandwidth at a minimum.

Finally, you can now purchase LEVEL6 2004 World Tour stuff!

Like my video work? Check out my audio experimentation.