Didn't think I was still at it, did ya? I am. I have about 20 unfinished songs of this caliber and probably 20 more short "pieces"/experiments in music theory (I've been trying to teach myself) laying around. Hardly anything feels worthy of sharing, yet, though.
You can access what is left of the OLD audio pages, here: http://www.leper.org/level6/audio/index.html . At least the songs survived.
I am going to begin sharing some of my own audio tools, too. Check out the Music Theory Toolkit for Perl and some very handy web tools created using it. Let me know what you think!
Song Title:Size/Time:Score: Credits/Tools:Notes:
Fluttering Screamer 7900751 / 5:29 Vocals = Beedeebeedeebeedee - Twinkie
Vocals = Betty - VOX
Software = FL Studio (VST: Vanguard, Glitch, ersdrums)
That Crazy Kid 2367104 / 2:27 Vocals = Plan 9 from Outer Space
Software = CuBase SX (VST: vb-1, lm-7, Monologue, Embracer, SLIFTY_1.01nVSTi, Lizard2, ersdrums, stylophone)
Simplicity 255083 / 0:15
Click here to see the musical score
Software = CuBase SX
I will be sharing some of my smaller experiments in music theory, like this.  They may or may not pop up later in full songs.  You can see the music score by clicking on the small score icon on the left.
The Crawl 2737110 / 2:16 Vocals = Vocoder
Software = FL Studio
Another dive into expression of my void.
Em to Dm Modulation 319031 / 0:19
Click here to see the musical score
Software = Finale PrintMusic 2006, CuBase SX (VST: mda Piano)
This was an attempt to modulate from one key to another.
Wedding Song 510874 / 0:31
Click here to see the musical score
Software = Finale PrintMusic 2006, CuBase SX (VST: mda ePiano)
This was an attempt at an organy wedding march type song.
Betty 3070874 / 3:11 Vocals = LEVEL6
Software = CuBase SX (VST: SwarPlug, lm-7, ersdrums, vb-1, Lizard2, Flea3)
The Hand That Feeds You (Rotting Mix) 2225949 / 2:19 Vocals = NiN
Software = ACID Pro, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro
Yes, even I tried this shit.  I wanted to take it back to the industrial oldskewel.

Always dying - never giving up.