Folding@Home LIE (Lepers of Information Exchange) - Laptop Recycle Hero Page

"Finding the Corona gonads, so the scientists can kick 'em!"
Have an old, dusty laptop sitting in the closet? Bad battery? Bad power jack? OS too old? Super slow or hot running? Display not working? Not especially technically inclined, yourself?

That's OK! Get it to one of our members and we will set it up to run as a folding machine, using YOUR NAME as the contributor! We will run the machine from our own homes, using our power and network, and maintain it for you. You do not have to do anything but donate the otherwise unused equipment, then watch as your machine folds proteins, joining in this computational fight against COVID-19!

We will even submit a request for a passkey for your name to keep it unique and get bonus points.

Already have a Folding@Home user name and/or passkey? Send it to us and we will configure your machine with your existing information.

Current Laptop Recycle Heros:
  • ZiJian
  • ZhengHua
  • Angelcake
  • Catherine
You can now view your laptop's status and compare it to others.

You can reach out to us with any questions or ideas on our Facebook group, or @LIEFAHTeam on Twitter, or via email at

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